This film tells a story about Jason, a boy who bought this deck of cards 30 years ago as a last resort to save his family. It all turned out quite different for him and he blames Sean - the kid in the commercials - whose "no losers, only winners” catchphrase has eaten through Jason’s life like a cancer. Now, in present time, Jason’s journey of revenge is coming to a close.

Before the film was shown to the audience at the festival, we handed out over 2000 printed versions of the card game (main titles) to every single person in the room as "take-away titles".

Full Credits:


Offf - Héctor Ayuso & Nathalie Koutia & Crew

Driver # 1 - Tygo Gernandt
Driver # 2 - Ben Clark

Voice - Michael Harrigan
Sat Nav Voice - Jessica Lima

Concept Development,
Production Design & 
Post Production - Onesize

Directed By - Rogier Hendriks & Kasper Verweij

Offf Iv Deck Design By - James White / Signal Noise

Written By - Ben Clark

Editor - Rogier Hendriks
Director Of Photography - Ties Versteegh
Camera Assistant - Robert Van Halteren

Original Score & Sound Design By - Roger Lima / White Noise Lab

Executive Producer - Pepijn Padberg

Creative Ignition - Casper Koomen

Vfx Artists - Kasper Verweij, Chris Coopmans & Harm Van Zon

Gaffer - #1 Willem Van Eerden
Gaffer - #2 Bart Van Tunen

Best Boy - Joop Deden
Electrician - Amrit Khalsa
Grip - Peter Van Vugt

Make Up & Hair - Nathalie Hoop
Production Assistent - Ines Leite

Grading - Captcha
Colorist - Barry Clarke

Camera Equipment - Camalot
Light Equipment - Lux & Co / Backlight

Voice Recording - Kaiser Sound

Scrapyard - Rooie Ben Autodemontage B.V.

Special Thanks To:
Kaiser Sound
Eric Groeneveld
Marcel Oudendijk
Nicole Schüngel
Marco Baay
Rob Beers
Ben Clark
Casper Koomen

Dedicated To Offf Fest 15Th Anniversary Edition